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Dr Doctor Stan Headley

Meet the Team

Experienced Pharmaceutical Development Management

Kalos has assembled an experienced group of pharmaceutical executives in the discovery and development of anti-cancer and ophthalmic cell therapeutics with experience at leading pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, Upjohn IDEC and Agouron.

George Colberg

George Colberg CEO, Co-founder, and Director

  • Serial CEO co-founder of Primary, Care Inc., Guaranty Equity and Capital, Inc.
  • Vice President of The Financial Group, developed syndications and investments
  • Wholesaler for Financial Group Syndications, raised over $100 million dollars
James Merritt

James Merritt, MD, President and Chief Medical Officer

  • President and Chief Medical Officer, Adventrx Pharmaceuticals
  • Founding CEO, Imagine Pharmaceuticals
  • Chief Medical Officer, Introgen Therapeutics
  • V.P. Medical Affairs, Viagene, Inc.
  • Senior Director of Clinical Sciences, IDEC Pharmaceuticals

Michael Kozlowski

Michael Kozlowski, OD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

  • Drug discovery and development, Pfizer
  • Lead Optimization, BMS
  • C-Level Position, Geron
  • C-Level Position, Telik
  • Over 40 peer-reviewed publications and more than a dozen issued US Patents

Stewart Nobel

Stewart Nobel, PhD, MBA, Drug Development Operational Consultant

  • CEO Kalypsys Biomedical
  • Head of Medicinal Chemistr
  • Drug Discovery and Development Glaxo
  • Strategic Development Micell Pharmaceuticals
  • Over 100 Published papers and patents

The Kalos Scientific Advisory Board possesses C-level expertise in operational aspects of preclinical research, translational research and clinical development leading to approved drugs. Leadership has also raised multiple rounds of capital in the public and private markets and participated in strategic partnerships and company acquisitions.

Daniel Von Hoff

Daniel D. Von Hoff, MD, FACP- Chief Scientific Officer, US Oncology

Director, Arizona Cancer Center, Professor of Medicine, University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, Former President, American Association for Cancer Research , Member of the Board of Scientific Advisors, National Cancer Institute Dream Team Leader, Stand up To Cancer

Mark Garnick

Marc B. Garnick, MD

EVP and Chief Medical Officer, Praecis Pharmaceuticals (acquired by GSK) Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Former Vice President of Clinical Development, Genetics Institute MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Patrice Rioux

Patrice P. Rioux, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer, Raptor Pharmaceuticals, Medical Director Biogen Europe Former VP of Medical Research, Repligen

The Kalos Board of Directors

Larry Stambaugh

Larry G Stambaugh - Chairman of the Board

  • Brings extensive experience in building entrepreneurial and global public and private companies as CEO
  • Chairman of the Board or Director of multiple global public and private companies Visionary leader that has built successful management teams and raised over $500 million of capital in private and public financing – taken companies public in U.S and Europe
  • Completed several strategic partnerships with Fortune 100 companies


John Evey - Board Observer

  • John provides strategic assistance to the leadership teams
  • One of four managers of an entity that facilitates relationships between U.S. companies in the life science and energy sectors with Asian partners Served for four years as Vice President for Development at the J. Craig Venter Institute (“JCVI”), for which pioneering genomic research and responsible for generating collaborative partnerships and financial resources from sources except for federal research agencies